"Fred Van Dyke can speak from his heart to the depth and breadth of the "ocean-aware" experience - from big-wave surfing to the spiritual world to be seen in a sea lion's eyes."

Nancy Littlefield, US Masters swimmer and Roy Earnest, Surfing for Life Producer and life-long surfer

photo by John Severson

"Fred Van Dyke, in his humble way, is an inspiration to all that hear him share his story and learn from his example."

Dr. John Westerdahl
Director, Wellness & Lifestyle Medicine


Gerontologist Roy Earnest said that the film SURFING FOR LIFE was just listed as 1 of the top 20 surf films ever made----
on the www.surfline.com site.

Above photo by Don James (also used in Fred's "logo")

Photo by Don James

photo by Dana Edmunds

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Photos by Don James

Contact Information

Photo of Fred at Waimea by John Severson

 Fred Van Dyke
 204 Po'o Po'o Pl.
 Kailua, HI 96734

Photo courtesy of Karen Kuehn - karenkuehn.com

Fred was a principle surfer in the award winning documentary SURFING FOR LIFE. David L. Brown writes:

"Legendary surfing pioneer Fred Van Dyke was an extremely important character in our film "Surfing for Life."  His remarkably honest, thoughtful and self-effacing storytelling was invaluable in helping us manifest our themes about the value of community,  friendship, love, closeness to nature, passionate involvement, and coping with the challenges of aging. 

My co-producer, Roy Earnest, and I were delighted and amazed with Fred's emotional honesty, his sense of humor and his ability to articulate difficult personal issues.  Not only was he a huge asset to the documentary, he was a compelling and inspiring speaker who graciously spoke at dozens of our premieres throughout Hawaii and California (and Montana).  As a speaker and a robust senior, Fred is an inspiration to surfers and non-surfers alike, and to anyone who wants insight into a richly meaningful life or the keys to successful aging. "

David L. Brown, Director/ Co-Producer, "Surfing for Life" 
www.surfingforlife.com www.DLBfilms.com

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