"Once Upon Abundance will make you re-order your priorities. It will remind you of the things we all once cherished: friends, family and a greater appreciation of life. It does what books do best, it makes you think. Thanks Fred Van Dyke for helping me remember."

Wally Amos, author, the Cookie Never crumbles: Inspirational Recipes for Everyday Living.
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"From the coast of California to Waimea Bay, Fred Van Dyke has carved a permanent place for himself in surfing's long and eventful history. This book shines fresh light on a legendary life."

James D. Houston, author, Snow Mountain Passage and The Last Paradise.
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"Fred Van Dyke is a national treasure. He and his book embody America's values when they still held meaning. With a huge heart Fred carries these values into his life adventures. This is a gem, a must read for those who wish to relive those ideals and the spirit that brings them forth."
Calos Eyles, author, The Blue Edge

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Relive fond memories of childhood adventures, never ending fun, first kiss, a dream girl you're missing, but have never met.

Reminisce a captivating time when life was simple; freedom was felt in the uncrowded natural environment of mountain streams, Redwood forests, isolated California and Hawaii beaches, unspoiled fishing, surfing, and hiking.

Share the pleasure of anticipation, the challenge of life-threatening experiences. Enjoy an appealing story, love of animals, people, nature that provides a sane and sacred way of life.

Enter the Golden Gate; wander a romantic California that no longer exists. Travel west to an alluring Hawaii, a golden abundance that is timelessly held in your heart and soul.

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"Fred Van Dyke has always been straight-forward and unpretentious, opening his vast storehouse of memory and letting it spill out onto the page. Once Upon Abundance is an utterly human outpouring of rich tales from a blessed and original youth, lovingly and honestly penned from the wide perspective of age. This book simply groans with abundance, making the reader wish with all his heart that he'd been along on even one incredible journey in those golden years."
Drew Kampion, author, The Book of Waves


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